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Fair to the King of Desert

Accelerating to Rajasthan's culture

Shaking legs at folks of Rajasthan

Outskirting of holy rituals

Attractions of Pushkar Fair

Cattle Trading

It is the chief attraction and the synonymous of Pushkar Fair where cattle breeders from several regions of India come to sell their cattle. During the fair cattle are sold or bought. Some of the cattle which are sold or bought are camels, horses, cows, goats, dogs, buffaloes, sheep and several species of birds. There may be long-drawn negotiations, or sometimes, a quick transaction while buying and selling. In this fair one can find various popular cattle breeds such as Haryanvi, Kankrej, Nagauri Mewati, etc.

Cultural Activities

Pushkar in Rajasthan is the venue for the cultural activities during the fair. The flamboyant culture of Rajasthan comes alive in the form of folklores, music and dance performances besides the enthralling turbans of the men.

Cultural shows, exhibitions and camel competition add the fun at the Pushkar Fair. Performers exhibit the immense and reverberant culture of Rajasthan. Be it the fire dancers or the folk singers, all have their own attractiveness that leaves the audience entranced.

Handicrafts and Cuisine

Pushkar Fair is among the most famous festivals of Rajasthan which attracts tourists from all over the world. Colorful handicrafts and lip-smacking cuisine are among the main attractions of the fair. Browse the various stalls at the fair for a wide variety of handicrafts and delicious traditional dishes of Rajasthan.

Pushkar Temples

Pushkar is a small town with wide holy beliefs attached to its existence. This religious city comes out as one of the five sacred Dhams in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan. Known as the fruitful of temples, Pushkar gets located at 510 meters above sea level and lies 14 km to the North West of Ajmer. Pushkar is known to have more than 500 temples, but the most important of them appears out as the Brahma temple. Although Pushkar is a home to Lord Brahma, there are other notable temples in the city.

Shopping in Pushkar

Pushkar stands as the holy place for Hindus, having the plethora of temples. Pushkar in Rajasthan comes as the land of various colours, different moods and enigma that are visited by the people from all over the world. Pushkar as a source of souvenirs and visitor in Rajasthan occupies an important place in Rajasthan.

Pushkar Lakes and Ghats

Pushkar Lake in Rajasthan is the sacred lake of Hindus. Located near the town of Pushkar in Ajmer District, This holy lake stands as one of the five most sacred pilgrimage destinations for the Hindus in India.

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